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536 days ago
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:books: 開源社圖書互助計畫  
780 days ago
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  • 名稱:雲端物聯網開放大資料探勘創業黑客 (雲16鬆)
英文名: Ultra Cloud Computing Unhackathon (UCCU)
  • 「我只是發個廢文,它就長成坑了」 -- 木棍,2015
  • 感謝鳳梨 雷射鳳梨
  • 鳳梨啥?
  • 提供了UCCU這個厲害的名稱
  • 副標:sweet your heart (?
  • 不能再短了
814 days ago
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  • 長輩Line圖瘋傳圖片產生器
  • 政府在哪裡?
  • 挖個資料而已,沒想到政府的網域真的很亂!
954 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by 王長宏 954 days ago
用 Three.js 跟 D3.js 打造 3D 校園地圖。
  • Google Maps 的建物品質不好。XD
983 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by HaoYeh Kan 983 days ago
Chat 的上線時間
1009 days ago
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--Free Open Postcard--
One side of the postcard is the brief introduction of our club; we can use some diagram as aids. The other side of the free postcard can help people without programming background understand one of the mainstream languages easily, and some well-known project made by that language will be mention to the readers, also.  
1090 days ago
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  • 簡介

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